How to Fit a Bathtub

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Every one of us wants an elegant home with every room having proper décor. Not only the leaving or drawing room, often we want our bathrooms to look very stylish and perfect. A range of classy faucets and other bath setting that can give your shower room a luxurious feel. When we are talking about bath setting how we can forget about a bathtub. The essential elements include sinks, faucets like cubist, widespread, vessel and so on, to give a rich look to the place where you can peacefully freshen up. To have a great ambiance you can use these details: keep it a little spacious, install hanging lights, using granite, use of marble or other non-slippery tiles can be great for the flooring and a modern bathtub will complete it.

Installing a bathtub is not a hassle-some task, it can be easily done. Though you may require some technical assistance to get it installed promptly. Now, the question arises that “How to fit a bathtub”? Here I am providing some simple suggestions that can help you out in the process. If you want to tile your own bathroom click here.

Firstly, take the bathtub and move it to space in the shower room, where it can be fit properly. Then mark the corners on the floor with any sharp metal where the ledger will be placed. The thin board will help the edges of the bathtub. Secondly, install a ledger using screws on the plane surface. Thirdly, move the tub either sideways and get the “shoe fittings” that will connect the waste pipe. Check the alignment of the tub and the proper fixing with the tub openings to get the used water drained out. Use a one-inch thick layer of putty along the drain rim to avoid any leakage. Also, wrap a tape around the thread of the rim. Don't forget to put the washer on the shoe and place it very carefully place it. Fourthly, tighten up the screw of the drain rim. Next, you can attach the draining pipe with bath tub and screw it firmly.

Fit the overflow cover, and do not forget to read the manufacturer’s information to do it perfectly. It's there to allow you more inches of water in the tub as it covers the overflow valve. This completes the process but following some securing ideas can help you enjoy use of bathtub more like you can spread some amount of mortar on the floor before, where you want to install it. Use of galvanized and bigger nails can prevent rusting and ensures no minor hole is left. While installing connects both hot and cold water faucets through the pipe settings. Always check for any leakage and cement the walls around the bathtub and then fix tiles.

A bathtub will enhance the look of the washroom and avoid water spilling on the complete floor of the bathroom. Still, if you feel it may cause water splashing around, you can surely install bathtub with splash guard. Have your lovely shower room fitted with a stylish bathtub and enjoy a nice bath.